Age range : 25 - 35

ethnicity : caucasian

build : slim

eye : blue

hair : brown

height : 5'9

weight : 11st 6oz

waist : 30/32

inner leg : 31

chest : 38

collar : 15.5

shoe : 9

BASED : London/bristol/devon

drivers license : full (clean)


black box theatre

rep theatre

feature film

short film


motion cap (training)

basic handheld and face to face combat training (IVT)

Forum theatre

contemporary dance

professional training courses

Shakespeare Masterclass (Patsy Rodenbury @ Danish National School for Performing Arts) (2019)


ICAT (Simon Trinder) (2018-2019)


Shakespeare Intensive (Adjoa Andoh, Jeanette Nelson, Simon Trinder @ ICAT) (2018)

Shakespeare Masterclass (Patsy Rodenbury @ Danish National School for Performing Arts) (2018)


Bristol Acting Academy (Gary Owston) (2017-2018)

Presence in Voice and Presentation (Patsy Rodenburg) (2017)

Complicite Workshop (Richard Katz) (2012)


Saturday Acting Academy (Richard Twyman) (2012) 


Total Artists in Production (Ray Shell via Giant Olive Theatre Company)(2008-2010)

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for any specifics required.



Paola farino

109 St Georges Rd
SE1 6HY 

T: +44 (0) 20 7207 0858

M: +44 (0) 7958 363910


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veritas liberabit vos

Hey! :)

so, it all started back in 1986, born in the navy city of portsmouth to paul and lynn gillham, this was where my dad was based for his military work. not long after i popped out, we relocated to the sloping hills in the shires of devon (not far from where my mum was born)

i'm the middle child, with an elder sister (Kelly) and younger brother (david), this probably explains why i became an actor! ha ha

the want to act first hit me when at primary school (kingswear) we used to have a substitute teacher (who's name i wish i could remember!) who would encourage us to get on stage and do improv scenes. though probably to watch back now would be slightly embarrassing, these moments were the moments that captured my imagination first about the possibilities of story telling to an audience and the effects that can have.

strangely, i remember also listening to audio tape stories in class at a young age and listening specifically to the voice actors, trying to determine whether i thought they sounded convincing or not to me, this i even knew at that time wasn't common amongst my peers.

for many years i stopped acting due to shyness and focusing on sports & computer games, but then at the age of 18, that would change. after failing miserably at school, i sent numerous applications out to various foundation courses at a nearby college, just before this i found out that although i had been successfully accepted into joining the navy as a marine engineer mechanic, the waitlist was 10 months! so i thought, ok - lets study something for free to kill some time whilst i wait. i applied to hairdressing, leisure & tourism, humanities and....performing arts. (you can guess which one came back and accepted me first, probably because they needed the numbers!)

my life outlook changed immensely at this point as i realised i had found something i was half decent at, and so decided to stick with it...

at 20, i moved to london on my own to study acting and work. i got an ushering job at the tricycle theatre in london (now kiln theatre) and watched many great plays whilst getting paid! this for me was a big part of my learning also.

not long into that phase, i auditioned for a small role in a black box christmas production which eventually would lead me to spend three years on and off learning and performing with giant olive theatre company (former resident theatre company at the lion & unicorn, kentish town) under the mentorship of west end legend and good friend, ray shell.

after this, i had the opportunity of working on two brilliant projects funded by the arts council, one was as an actor for famous playwright peter oswald's abyss theatre company tour of south west england and then a run in london, as well as performing with plymouth based pilots thumb theatre company in a piece that performed to sell out crowds in munich, germany.

i decided to take a few years out from acting from 2014-2017 to focus on finding another stable career, which lead me to selling veg boxes around the country at some amazing festivals, to then working in events and staffing and eventually all things logistics and operational. but it wasn't enough, i was still missing something fundamental..

after enrolling on two courses, to see whether it was still for me (and to get through the rust and cobwebs!) i'm now back to full time freelancing as an actor, and proud to be so!

my most recent credits include a lead role in feature film "this is the nightmail"(2020) and lead in online series "grayhound" (tbc), the latter starring opposite clarke peters.

I credit my progress and continual learning to ray shell, patsy rodenburg, gary owston (british acting academy) simon trinder (icat) & sarah perry (shapes in motion)

I am proud to be represented by paola farino.